Spring B+M Bag

Spring B+M Bag

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Spring B&M Bags
The BEST B&M bag we have done ever, especially curated for the spring/summer season!
What is it?
A B&M bag is a mystery bag stuffed with goodness. you are GUARANTEED to get at LEAST double what you pay in your bag! DOUBLE!! Some may get triple!! Bags will be stuffed with some of the following items (these are examples):
Beauty products
Clothing (including jeans, tops, cardigans, dresses, lightweight sweaters)
Hats and Bags
Water Bottles
STOREHOUSE FLATS!!! (oh yes!!!)
brands include Entro, Easel, Kori and more!
and more who knows what other magic!!!
There are THREE tiers available for these bags and we have LIMITED bags per size, when a bag size sells out we will let you know but we are under 5 bags available in some sizes.
Size choices: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 1XL, 2XL and 3XL
to claim Choose your price: 49, 79 or 99 and then please pm me your sizing including jean and Storehouse Flats size (and dislikes in clothing...e.g. no skirts, I hate yellow, no babydoll.... you get the idea). The more you spend the more you will get, and the more chances you have of getting some of our higher priced items (e.g. Storehouse Flats and Judy Blue Denim)! But you are guaranteed to get more than you pay!
We have some crazy stuff to share with you so don't miss out on a fun way to dress up your wardrobe on a dime and maybe get some treasures at a STEAL
Please remember that mystery bags are final sales and we send great stuff! I've gotten email after email from folks loving what they received. so only play if you are comfortable with surprises. because you are getting a mad deal no credits or other discounts can be applied to this purchase.
lets have fun ladies!! this is a celebration of YOU and YOU deserve a treat!